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Customer Satisfaction:

We at ACLove Street Decals are committed to our customers' satisfaction for every Decals Stickers you have purchased from us. 


Our Decal Stickers are printed and processed carefully for your satisfaction. However you have to expect the following decal conditions:

1. Decal Colors. Our Decals are Hi-Reso Printed. You should expect that actual decal color may vary on the pictures you order here. This is normal because there is difference on our naked eye on how we looked on the presentation of actual decal color and the color we see on our monitors and gadgets. Acceptable difference may range from 10-20% color difference.

2. Decal Condition. Decals are printed on High Quality Decal Materials. We printed it on maximum size of 4x4 Ft and we precut your decals manually. Our decals are pressed on the box for shipping and you should expect that it would have lines due to pressing to fit the box. Please do not worry because our materials are made of flexible vinyl stickers. Once you blows it hot by heat gun it will return to its original state.

3. Precut and Allowance. Our decal stickers are precut manually and ready to install. You will expect that precut decals has mimimal allowances on its ending so that it would be easy for you to balance it upon installation. You can use sharp cutter to cut the ending allowance accordingly.

Installation Process:

Please be advised of the following guides for installation.

1.  Please make sure that you have ready your motorcycle upon installation. We recommend that you take off your existing decals and clean the sticky residue using sticker remover. This is to prevent having bubbles to your newly installed decals.

2. We highly recommend that you install our decals directly without spraying liquids to decals  and motorcycle fairings. Using wet method will somehow lessen the adhesive strength and will cause decals to easily worn out.


3. After installation, we advise that you refrain from washing your motorcycle and parking it under heavy rain at least for one week. It is normal that decals will still need time to adjust and dry itself.  We also advise that you put your motorcycle under sunlight at least 30 mins so that its adhesive will be dried and cured immediately. 

Payment Methods:

Payment Methodes

• BDO Online Transfer
• Payment Remittances (Palawan Express, Cebuana & ML Lhuiller)

• GCASH/ Paymaya/ Coins.Ph

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