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  • How long does shipping take?
    We use LBC Express. Shipping can take anywhere from 2-3 business days after your order has been received and processed. We will confirm once your order has been received and send a tracking number once your order has been shipped to you.
  • How can I pay?
    You can pay with us with this payment details. Please send us copy of your receipt together with your Name, Complete Shipping Address and Number for proper sending documentation.
  • Do you offer Cash on Delivery (COD) and Cash on Pickup (COP)?
    As much as we want to, we do not have this option right now because of the following reasons: 1. Made to Order. Our decals is made to order. This is because we want our decals to be always newly printed upon orders so that its quality will not be compromised. Decal stickers cannot be stocked for long time (the way it should be) to prevent its adhessive to be long exposed and later on expired. 2. PrintedDecals are Not Meant for Resell. Decals that are not received/paid by buyers cannot be resell to other customers. This is because of the reason we stated on number 1. We respect that every customers pay with their hard-earned money. We want our customers to receive the best quality decals we could ever give. 3. Minimize Bogus Buyers. We all know that there are some buyers who just want to make fun out of the expense of legit online sellers. We can never afford to lose valued materials. effort and shipping cost for this bogus and irresponsible buyers.
  • Do you accept customise decals?
    Yes! Just pay additional P200 for layout fee. This will be your downpayment for us to start or line up your concept. This serves as our assurance for our artist that we will only give our limited time and effort to sure customers. Customised decals takes 2-3 days or more depending on the order list we received for customise. You can message us for further details.
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