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[S12E17] The Conference Valuation

The former plot is the less entertaining, but perhaps the more important, of the two. Penny is still leading the sales team and is thriving, even if members of her team are crying in the bathroom and staying in the conference room past midnight. Turns out Penny can be as scary as Bernadette when she wants to be.

[S12E17] The Conference Valuation

Penny and Bernadette attend a pharmaceuticals conference, where Bernadette's business rival Danny tries to recruit Penny. Bernadette is offended that Penny is considering the offer. At the meeting with Danny, Bernadette steps in to say Penny is the best saleswoman she knows and Penny agrees to keep working for Bernadette. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang does simple behavioral experiments on the Wolowitz children using a book Sheldon found. Leonard is shocked that his childhood was filled with these experiments; although his mother remembers that time with him fondly, she admits the experiment with him is not over. Raj figures Amy planted the book to get Sheldon to like babies, though Sheldon later states he would be open to having kids. 041b061a72


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