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How to Craft, Level Up, and Win in Angry Birds Epic RPG

The storyline begins with the player, playing as Red, trying to recover the stolen eggs by the Pigs. As the player progresses, new birds from the Angry Birds universe are added to the roster, including Chuck, Matilda, Bomb and the Blues (Jay, Jim and Jake).[3] Players are limited to choosing three birds from their roster - and sometimes fewer - in the various battles against the pigs.

angry birds epic


Before every level, players can choose up to three birds (one extra from their Facebook friends in some levels) in their party, depending on the level. In the battle, enemies, mostly pigs, appear on a landscape. Battles may be normal, may involve multiple waves of enemies, or boss fights. To attack, players swipe from a bird to an enemy. To use a secondary skill (mostly defense types), the player taps the bird to use it on themselves or swipes a bird into another bird to give it to the other bird. Whenever the birds attack or take damage, a "Rage Chili" indicator fills up at the bottom of the screen. When full, players can apply it to a bird to use their "rage" ability. After winning a battle, the players can earn up to three stars, depending on their performance in that battle. More stars indicate more resources that the players receive as a reward for winning the battle. The golden Lucky Coins, which are rare, are used to buy certain classes, spin the Golden Pig Machine for items, and to buy emergency consumables in battle. They can be earned by defeating a Golden Pig encountered across different levels, leveling up, or through in-app purchases. The gameplay data can be backed up using a Rovio Account, which is now discontinued for registration As of May 2018[update],[4] Only existing accounts can back up their gameplay data.

In December 2014, Angry Birds Epic was updated to include a multiplayer mode. The Player Arena had weekly leagues that award epic items to the top players.[5] There were different tiers and the highest was the Diamond tier.

The game periodically released limited time events in which the player could collect event medals or resources, which could be exchanged for rare classes, currency, and items. There were only two events which were collaborations with other mobile games. The first one, Puzzle & Dragons event at October 2014 featured characters from the game as enemies, while some of the birds were limited-time allies in the mobile game of the same name. The second one, Sonic Dash event at September 2015, featuring Sonic as a playable "bird" and enemies from Sonic series, with Dr.Eggman as the boss enemy. Three of the birds were also limited-time playable characters in the mobile game of the same name. The game used to cycle through all the events (excluding the collaboration ones). Since the game was not in development after 2018, the game finally ran out of Arena Seasons, events, and special daily rewards in the beginning of 2021. [6]

Angry Birds Epic invites you to embark on an epic quest across the diverse landscapes of Piggy Island, ranging from sun-kissed tropical beaches to frosty mountain peaks and treacherous deep dungeons.

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Level up your beloved birds and master their unique abilities, empowering them to conquer mighty boss villains such as the indomitable King Pig, the mischievous Prince Porky, or the cunning Wiz Pig.

During a normal day on Piggy Island, a hungry King Pig orders Wizpig and Prince Porky to go to South Beach and steal the Angry Birds' eggs. With the aid of several hordes of Minion Pigs, the two go to the birds' nest, where Chuck is resting while Red is protecting the eggs as usual. The pigs steal the eggs and the birds' personal equipment, and also kidnap Chuck. Red then makes his way through South Beach, rescuing Chuck, who aids him in the battle against the pigs. The two also retrieve the Magic Anvil and the Magic Cauldron, and destroy the Cobalt Plateaus Castle, which contained one of the eggs. Meanwhile, Prince Porky and some pigs end up in Matilda's garden, where she is taking care of her plants. One of the pigs then started squashing her plants, which upsets her. However, Red and Chuck arrive, driving away the pigs. Matilda then joins their team to help them.

Eventually, the birds go after Prince Porky, who is in an aerostatic balloon. Porky flees to the Desert Island and crash lands there (resulting in him going unconscious for some time). As the Desert Island and Piggy Island are separated by the Limestone Lagoon, which requires a ship to pass through, the birds are unable to continue their adventure. However, Bomb, on his Bird Ship, comes in to help his friends, only to be attacked by some Pirates. Though Bomb is able to expel the pigs with an explosion, it turns out that they fled with the ship's rudder, making Bomb unable to use it. After a series of battles, the heroes retrieve the rudder, allowing them to cross the Limestone Lagoon. However, when they reach the Desert Island, it turns out that they cannot continue their adventure because there is a yellow door, which can only be opened with a Yellow Key that Prince Porky, who is now aboard his own ship, has. Suddenly, Jim, Jake and Jay (a.k.a The Blues), who are in a small boat of theirs, come in, steal the Yellow Key, and go to the Southern Sea, where Porky and his comrades surround them, shooting at them with cannons, making them unable to escape. Later however, Red, Chuck, Bomb, and Matilda defeat the pigs and make their ships sink, allowing them to rescue the three brothers, who join their team. Prince Porky was able to survive his ship sinking, and swam his way back to Desert Island and into the castle. With the Yellow Key in their hands, the Angry Birds head to the Desert Island Castle and retrieve the second egg. After successfully obtaining the egg back, Prince Porky sailed away into the ocean on a new ship with an overwhelming amount of despair.

Later, the group passes through the Pirate Coast, the Slingshot Woods, and the Great Cliffs. They later go to the Star Reef and retrieve the third egg which was being held against by Wizpig. When they go back to the Great Cliffs, Chuck spots an egg lying on the floor and goes to pick it up. Suddenly however, hordes of Ninjas appear, blind the birds with smoke bombs, and kidnap Chuck, Bomb, and Red. Matilda and the Blues, who were the only remaining birds, followed the Ninjas through the Bamboo Forest, where they freed Chuck, and later Bomb. However, as they were about to free Red, Prince Porky comes in aboard a blimp of his and takes Red with him to the sky. The group went to Professor Pig's lab, and helped him gather the materials to build an Airship, which they use to free Red and make their way through the Winter Wonderland, the Canyon Land, and the Snowy Peak, where they retrieve the fourth egg. Wizpig takes the last egg to Pig City, where King Pig is. King Pig asks Wizpig if he has the five eggs, and the latter tells him that he only has one, much for the king's frustration.

At King Pig's Castle, the Angry Birds manage to defeat King Pig, Wizpig and Prince Porky and retrieve the last egg. However, Wizpig betrays his comrades by stealing the egg and King Pig's crown while Porky curses at the traitor. The wizard pig goes to the Hog Head Mountain, where he summons five pigs to make a Magic Shield to protect a castle that the egg was being held at. The Angry Birds pass through those pigs and manage to destroy the shield. They have a final showdown against Wizpig, who turns into Demonic Wizpig. Then, Prince Porky comes in to help the birds. Wizpig is eventually defeated, the Angry Birds retrieve the last egg, and they give Porky King Pig's crown.

Angry Birds Dawn of Piggy Island is a Chinese version of Angry Birds Epic. The game was released in May 2015. The game includes an unique gem enhancement system where you can collect gems to enhance your birds. Some examples of these gems include "Attack gems" and "Evasion gems".[5]

Parents need to know that Angry Birds Epic is a turn-based combat game that takes the familiar characters from the Angry Birds universe and puts them in a new style of gameplay. Rather than flinging themselves at structures, the birds fight the pigs directly. Although the violence is all cartoonish, it might be too much for very young players who like the original. The game is free but heavy with ads and subtle in-app purchase incentives (prices range up to $90).

Rather than flinging birds at structures, ANGRY BIRDS EPIC puts them on the ground to fight against the egg-stealing pigs one-on-one in a turn-based combat scenario. Players control one to three birds, each of whom has an offensive move, a defensive move, and a special ability. The trick to winning is using these in the right combination against a variety of pigs, who also have their own special moves (ranging from calling in reinforcements to throwing up a smoke screen). As you level up with experience, you can craft new items and defensive tools.

This functions a lot like Angry Birds Epic 1. To start, you can bring in 3 birds and 3 pigs into battle. The enemies are much stronger. There are 10 types each of birds to pick from, and they each have 6 earnable classes. Piggies have 5 earnable classes each, but they also have event classes. There are also 10 types of piggies. This also introduces turn meter, which is a meter below the health meter. At full turn meter, the character can have its turn, and then the meter goes back to 0. Whenever a character finishes its turn, others all regenerate some turn meter based on their speed, which is a new stat which measures how fast turn meter regenerates.

Rage: Maelstrom: For 3 turns, birds are immune to harmful effects and the tornado absorbs 30% damage from all enemy attacks. After 3 turns, the tornado spins towards the enemies, adding up all the damage absorbed and splitting it evenly across the enemies.

The arena consists of you having to battle against other players (though it is not real-world based). You are given a Bird Banner that you must protect, and your goal is to destroy your opponent's banner. If your banner gets destroyed (or if you quit), you will lose the battle and lose a banner. Your banner has special passives that can help your birds.


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