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Buying Glasses At Costco

Many online sources report that the average cost of lenses and frames at Costco Optical is around $185, which is only slightly lower than what notes is the average price for new glasses: $200 to $300.

buying glasses at costco

In fact, a 2019 Consumer Reports reader survey found that "some retailers charge more than $400 for a pair of glasses, and more than one-third of the eyeglass retailers in our survey received the lowest rating for their prices." Costco, on the other hand, was the only retailer to score top marks on price in both the eyeglasses and contacts department.

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**Valid prescription required. Transactions must occur on the same day. Each pair of eyeglasses must be for the same patient. Complete eyeglasses are considered prescription lenses and new frame. This offer may not be combined with any other promotions.

In about a dozen states, alcohol sales cannot be prohibited through a club or membership. Check the laws in your state and, if it's allowed, explain to the door attendant that you are buying non-member goods. This can be a handy way to slash the cost of alcohol for parties or other events.

Costco makes non-member allowances for health services such as optical exams and hearing screening. However, if you need to buy glasses, contacts, or hearing aids, a membership is required. Find a member willing to purchase and be reimbursed for these items or use a loaded Costco Cash Card.

I have used Costco optical for my contacts and glasses for over 6 years now. Never had an issue. Prices are very low and they actually take care of me BETTER than my old optometrist who charged me an arm and a leg and a kidney. The independent optometrist at my Costco is very good and more thorough compared to my old one. The optical staff behind the counter at both stores is excellent and they WILL bend over backward for you within reason if you have any problems at all. I recently had to buy two new pairs of glasses and spent around $230 for both. I also added 2 pairs of prescription sunglasses for about $240. Talk about a deal! My eye exam was only $55 and good for two years. If you need a quick check or a followup exam most Costco optometrists will see you again at no charge. I shop at both the Springdale and Deerfield Township stores located in Greater Cincinnati.

Until two years ago, I prided myself for not needing corrective glasses. After months of resisting to the fact, I had to come to the conclusion that I needed reading glasses. Even then, I was so not used to carrying reading glasses that I often asked strangers to read me the labels at the grocery store. I finally bought a second pair to always carry one pair in my purse.

Many foreigners may think that they need to go and see an eye doctor in order to get prescription glasses. In Japan, not only is it not necessary, the procedures are also much easier and simpler than one would think. Below is a simplified overview of the purchasing process.

Bic Camera offers name brand frames such as Ray-Ban, Burberry, Gucci, Prada, and Emporio Armani. All their glasses come with prescription lenses and UV protection as standard. PC lenses with Blue Light Protection are also available without any extra fees.

To order prescription glasses or contact lenses, a person will need to input their prescription or upload it to the Costco website. The company will verify the prescription with an eye doctor before shipping the order.

Remember that the CareCredit credit card is an easy way to pay for glasses and contact lenses for everyone in the family. To find an eye doctor or vision retailer near you that accepts CareCredit, use the Acceptance Locator or download the CareCredit Mobile App.

In both cases, Costco Optical comes out cheaper. In fact, according to Consumer Reports, the median cost of frames and lenses at Costco is $184. By comparison, the median price of frames and lenses at LensCrafters is $369, so Costco is offering a huge amount of savings for folks who wear glasses. Walmart Vision Center does appear to have a few more options though. So, depending on your optical needs, you may have to opt for Walmart. If Costco has what you need, however, it is definitely the winner in the Costco Optical vs Walmart Vision Center debate.

There are an overwhelming amount of choices when it comes to shopping. After only shopping at the commissary and the PX/BX/NX my first experience buying groceries for our house took roughly 4 hours. I experienced a great amount of frustration with the variance in brands, pricing strategies, shopping discount cards and how to bag your groceries. The lady at Aldi was very upset after I put my groceries on the check out conveyor and went to put the cart back outside to retrieve my quarter, denying her the opportunity to place my items in the cart first. Other stores have a wide range of pricing strategies; $ off items, buy 2/3/7 get 1 free, special point items, but only with their member card.

While living overseas my spouse pretty much handled this aspect of our life. Upon my return to the US my son needed glasses after a friend of his was horsing around. I figured I could just go to Lens Crafters and get new ones, so off to the local mall we went. Within 2 minutes we were in the process of selecting frames. 30 minutes later we had the frames and the attendant said, "Do you know your prescription"? Of course I don't. In my experience, overseas eyeglass shops perform eye exams on the spot and give you lenses and glasses all for about $100-200. The attendant explained we needed to go to an optometrist first and then come back. Time spent at Lens Crafters 2 hours. There was an optometrist next door so we went there and within 30 minutes we had a prescription. Going back to Lens Crafters they now had a waiting list of 8 people and with 2 attendants on duty I surmised this would be at least a 2 hour wait. I started texting family to find out the best place to go and the suggestion was America's Best. We spent an hour at America's Best choosing frames and lenses and then found out the glasses would not be here in a week, which would not work. I had wasted 5 hours and was only a prescription closer to actually having glasses. Frustrated and feeling stupid I decided to research the internet and we went home. I discovered the top rated services for eyeglasses are Sam's Club/COSTCO and your local optometrist. Not having a membership at the bulk membership clubs I found a local optometrist and 2 hours later my son had a set of single vision glasses and a prescription for a total price of $315. 041b061a72


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