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Today: Green Bay Packers vs Las Vegas Raiders live 10 October 2023 Streaming

7 days ago — ... a great surprise. Night games always are an issue for Gold package ticket holders, who mostly live in Milwaukee and southern Wisconsin. That ...

comPosted at: 20:25EDT09/10/2023 Love going deep down the field, but he threw it off his back foot and over shot Reed. 4th and 3 and the Packers are keeping the offense on the field. as. comPosted at: 20:23EDT09/10/2023 Dillon gets the handoff out of the shotgun and he gets back to the line of scrimmage, maybe a yard more. 3rd and 3 from the LV 49. as. comPosted at: 20:22EDT09/10/2023 Quick out route from Watson and that goes for 6 yards on the right sideline. 2nd and 12 from the GB 23 and that will take us to the Two Minute Warning. as. comPosted at: 21:21EDT09/10/2023 FIELD GOAL RAIDERS!! Dan Carlson comes on and hits his first field goal from 26 yards. Each brother has a FG a piece. Raiders lead 10-3 with 2:32 to go in the first half. as. comPosted at: 21:18EDT09/10/2023 Screen pass set up for Carter, but Williams got a hand to the pass and swats it away. Big hold from the Packers D after a pick deep in Packer territory. 4th and Goal and here comes the FG unit. as. comPosted at: 21:17EDT09/10/2023 Garoppolo hits Jacobs out of the backfield and he is brought down after a gain of 2. as. comPosted at: 20:58EDT09/10/2023 Screen pass to Taylor came in low and he couldn't make the catch at his shoe strings. 4th and 11 and the Packers will punt. as. comPosted at: 20:55EDT09/10/2023 Love checks down to Taylor and he gets two yards on the short pass up the middle. 3rd and 11 from the GB 31. They both have Super Bowl championships. They are the hosts of a hit podcast together, and of course Travis is dating Taylor Swift which is currently the talk of the NFL and pop culture. But tonight’s game features another set of brothers that will be going head to head, and unlike the Kelce’s who play different positions we can measure them directly head to head. as. comPosted at: 20:47EDT09/10/2023 LV start their second drive from the and Jimmy G goes back to Mayer on first down and he makes the catch up the middle for a 19 yard pick up. 1st and 10 from the LV 44. as. comPosted at: 20:45EDT09/10/2023 FIELD GOAL PACKERS!!! Anders Carlson is the first of the brothers to get on the board tonight. Raiders vs. Packers Monday Night Football: Promo Codes 4 days ago — See the odds, spread, ... comPosted at: 20:18EDT09/10/2023 AJ Dillon gets the first handoff and he takes it up the middle for a gain of 4 yards. 2nd and 6 from the GB 29. as. comPosted at: 20:17EDT09/10/2023 WE ARE UNDERWAY FROM LAS VEGAS!!! The Packers start the game with the ball after the Raiders win the toss and differ. Here comes Jordan Love and the Packers looking to rebound after last week's slow first half. 2nd and 4 from the 50. as. comPosted at: 20:21EDT09/10/2023 Dillon moves the chains again with another run up the middle. 1st and 10 from the GB 46 after the four yard run. as. comPosted at: 20:21EDT09/10/2023 Screen pass set up for Musgrave and he gets 6 yards after following a couple blockers on the left side. 2nd and 6 from the GB 42. as. comPosted at: 20:20EDT09/10/2023 Dillon gets it for a third time and get crosses the line of scrimmage and moves the chains with a three yard carry. 1st and 10 from the GB 36. as. comPosted at: 20:18EDT09/10/2023 Dillon gets it for a second straight snap and he gets another 4 yards up the middle. 3rd and 2 from the GB 33. as. as. comPosted at: 20:17EDT09/10/2023 Tonight's oddsThe Raiders return home and are a 1 point favorite from Allegiant Stadium, with the Over/Under set at 45. The line has gone down over the last few hours which means that the money is trending towards Green Bay, but this one is basically dead even. I don’t know who to take to be honest, but I’ll take a stab at it. Raiders win 27-24 with a last second field goal from Dan Carlson. comPosted at: 20:10EDT09/10/2023 Carlson brosThe Kelce Brothers have been the talk of the NFL over the last couple seasons. Packers vs Raiders Odds & Live Scores - October 9, 2023 Las Vegas Raiders vs Green Bay Packers DFS Picks! Monday Night Football Starts & Sits | Fantasy Flex. Sean Koerner•. TODAY / 4:55 AM PDT. See more NFL Coverage.


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